Colour Melt Hair, Dublin Hair Salons

One of the most asked for fashionable hair colour trends in our Dublin city centre hair salons is colour melt hair. But what exactly is colour melting? How is it different from balayage, ombre & the money piece? Does the colour melt technique work for everyone?

The talented stylists in our Dublin salons, answer all of these questions below and give their expert advice and tips on how to achieve the perfect melt...

Please note: A skin test is required 48 hours prior to having a colour application.

Colour melt hair Dublin


Colour Melt Hair, Dublin Hair Salons

What Is Colour Melting?

Colour melting is a popular hair colouring technique that is used by stylists to create a gradual blend of colour from root to tip. The effect is designed so you can't tell where one colour starts and the other one ends. To create a natural, lived-in look, a subtle transition between lighter highlights, or a blonde balayage, is 'melted' with the root colour to create softer, less obvious lines of demarcation which you often get from traditional foil highlights. 

Colour melt hair can be low maintenance if you opt for natural shades of brown and blonde, however, bright, vivid hair colours that are different to your natural root colour will require more regular top-ups.

Your stylist needs to understand what goals you have for your hair. The stylists at House Of Colour Hair Salons in Dublin, strongly advise you to book a consultation. They will carefully plan your hair journey and give realistic expectations of what can be achieved. They will also happily advise you on how to maintain your colour at home with hints, tips and product recommendations.

Colour Melt Blonde Dublin

Colour Melt Blonde

Colour melt blonde looks beautiful no mater if you have long hair or a mid length bob. Choose from a buttery blonde tone, caramel blonde hue or a cool, ash blonde colour melt for an on-trend look. To keep your coloured hair looking healthy and feeling strong it's recommended to have regular conditioning treatments. We are BIG on hair care and understand how important it is to maintain your mane at home. We offer a wide variety of luxury hair treatments designed to revive and repair your hair.  Whatever your hair concern, make sure you talk to one of our experts who can suggest the most appropriate treatment for your particular hair type. 

root melt balayage at house of colour hairdressers dublin

Root Melt Balayage

Also known as root melt, root drag, root smudge and shadow root, is where your root colour (the root colour can be natural or coloured) is ‘stretched’ for a low maintenance balayage look.

To keep your hair colour looking healthy and glossy we recommend having your colour topped up with regular hair glossing treatments alongside regular trims. Looking after your hair at home is also encouraged to ensure your hair colour lasts and stays looking vivid and fresh.

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Hair Colour Melt Vs Balayage

Colour melting is quite often mistaken for balayage.  The big difference between colour melting and other colouring techniques to lighten the hair such as balayage, highlights and foilayage, is that these techniques work to lighten the hair and remove tone while 'colour melting' is the opposite and actually deposits tone into the hair. For this reason, it makes an ideal choice for damaged or delicate hair types as it is more gentle on your locks. 

Buttery blonde highlights, Dublin

Is Colour Melt The Same As Ombre?

When using the colour melt technique, your stylist will add a scattering of highlights towards the roots and mid-lengths of the hair. With ombre, no lighter pieces are added around the root area. Ombre is a more obvious blend of one colour into another.

If you’ve experienced a hair colour disaster attempting a home balayage or DIY ombre, it’s important you come into the salon for a consultation. Our stylists have the skills, knowledge and expertise to correct hair colour problems and change your hair colour to your desired shade. The health of your hair is very important to us and during an in-depth consultation, your colour technician will assess your hair’s condition and recommend a course of action for you to consider before we carry out any major services.

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