Expert Hair Colour In Dublin At House of Colour 

At House of Colour hairdressers, Dublin, we are the experts in providing bespoke, stunning hair colour for men and women using high-quality professional hair colours.  Our talented team have high levels of colour expertise, creativity and passion to create sensational hair colour results every time. 

We offer in-depth hair colour consultations which allow us to provide a bespoke hair colour service to suit you. During your consultation we will discuss your hair goals before assessing your hair and chatting about your hair routine and lifestyle so we can come up with the perfect look for you.

Rest assured, we can enhance your hairstyle and leave you with hair that is vibrant and shiny.  We use only the very best colour products and are trained in the latest colouring techniques to deliver a wide range of looks including beautiful highlights, on-trend balayage, grey hair coverage and vibrant or pastel fashion colours.

The Hair Colour Experts Near Me


Your Hair Colour Consultation 

Whether you are looking for a complete hair colour change, add interest to your natural hair colour or to cover any new grey hairs, you should book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation with the experts at House of Colour in Dublin. Our specialists will work with you to assess your hair type, current style, skin tone and your lifestyle, which will allow us to give you the best hair colour and advice. 

Still unsure? Read our hair colour terminology guide.

Please note: If you have not had your hair coloured with us before or it has been at least six months since your last hair colour appointment, we ask that you visit us for a simple skin sensitivity test at least 48 hours before your hair colour appointment.

Highlights & Lowlights

Add depth to your natural hair colour by adding highlights or lowlights to your hair. Combining different hair colours and shades is also a fantastic way of creating your own unique look and delivering stunning hair colour results in the process.  Your highlights and lowlights can be woven or sliced into the hair, we can even colour the sections of your hair alternatively at random to achieve your desired hair colour. Your hair colour can be as subtle as you wish, although we can add fashion hair colour highlights for a more bold look!

Balayage & Ombré 

Balayage hair colour is the most popular hair colour technique for guests who want a sun-kissed, subtle and low maintenance hair colour. Balayage has proven to be so successful with our guests because the root regrowth is much less noticeable than will conventional highlighting techniques, balayage also allows for greater flexibility when making subtle hair colour changes.

No matter if you are looking for a beautiful brown balayage hair colour, blonde balayage, caramel balayage or bronde balayage with a darker root - we can create them all!

Ombré is a more bold technique of lightening the hair and leaving a darker base so you can see the transition from dark to light, or even dark to pastel.  Find out more about our balayage and ombré. 

Freshen Your Blonde Hair With A Toner 

Toners are fantastic wonder products that we love at House of Colour in Dublin. They are used following a hair lightening service to neutralise yellow or brassy tones in blonde hair. We want your blonde hair colour to look fresh and clean which is why we will very often add a toner.  Toners can also be used to add pastel or fashion tones to lightened hair.

Fashion Hair Colours At Dublin's Best Hair Salons

Our colour experts love getting creative with hair colour.  If you are looking for a bright hair colour, a pretty pastel shade or even a mix of colours, make sure you book in for a colour consultation so we can create a beautiful look for you.  Pillar box red hair colours, petrol blue hair shades and hidden colours which only show when you swish your hair or put it up, are fantastic looks that will have you turning heads in no time.  Pastel hair colours also remain popular, with pink hair tones, lilac hair colours and even green and blue hair tones available. 

Creative Colouring

Bold and bright fashion shades can really make an impact and are a great way in which to have fun with your hair colour. Creative hair colours are a great way in which to show off your personality and style better yet, they can be as bold and bright as you dare!

We can skillfully place varying colour shades throughout your hair to complement your haircut and deliver a versatile look.

Hair Colour Correction Experts In Dublin

If you've experienced a hair colour disaster either at home or another salon, don't panic! Call the hair colour correction experts at House of Colour in Dublin so that we can help you achieve your desired hair colour. We can fix over-processed brassy blonde hair, rectify over-lapping bands of hair colour, get rid of unsightly green or orange tinges... and more with our hair colour correction service in Dublin. Check out our hair colour correction page for more information.

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Hair Colour Terminology

♦ Colour Melt - Varying shades of colour are overlapped from roots to tips to give the appearance that they have been melted into one another.

♦ Root Stretch Balayage - Your natural root colour is ‘stretched’ for a low maintenance balayage look.

♦ Foilayage - Similar to balayage but more subtle. Very fine highlights are added throughout the hair, often in a lighter shade.

♦ Ombré - When one hair colour is blended into another from roots to tips. It can be a fashion colour or natural blonde, red or brunette shade.

♦ Re-Growth Application - When only the new hair colour growth from your scalp is coloured.

♦ Balayage -  Gives your hair a subtle, sun-kissed, natural finish. The effect of balayage is less obvious than traditional foil highlights, with a much less noticeable root regrowth. 

♦ Toners - Often added after a hair lightening service to to blend and even out unwanted warm or brassy tones or as a colour refresher.

♦ Hair Colour Glosses - Adds a glossy shine to natural & artificial hair colours.

♦ Highlights - When selected starnds of hair are weaved and placed into a foil for a multi dimensial look. Lowlights - Darker hair colours than your natural base shade.