Curly Hair Salons, Dublin City Centre

curly hair at house of colour hair salons in DublinLooking for curly hair salons in Dublin? Every curl is different and we love them all! We believe we can find a style that works best for you – whether you have naturally curly hair, afro hair or multi-textured hair. 

They understand that cutting curls is not the same as cutting straight hair and have had specialist training on how to deliver beautiful styles that really ‘work’.  

The Best Curly Hair Salons Near Me


Your Consultation 

The curly hair experts in our Dublin hair salons suggest coming to your consultation with your hair washed & styled as you normally would so they can easily see the things you like and dislike about your curly or textured hairstyle. We try to give all of our guests an amazing in-depth hair consultation with a view to giving two options about your hair when we finish. 

Bring along any pictures of when you have loved how your curly hair looked and also pictures of the times your curls, waves & kinks have not behaved themselves!

Natural Curls

From soft, loose natural curls to tight corkscrew ringlets and everything in between, we will work with you to achieve a fashionable curly hairstyle that helps to define your curl and work with the natural movement & texture in the hair.

We will demonstrate the best way to get natural-looking curls and give you some hair care tips & product advice on how to care for natural curls.

textured hair at house of colour hair salons, Dublin

Wavy Hairstyles

 Our clients tell us we are the best hair salons in Dublin for curly & textured hair as we can create modern beach style waves, glamourous Hollywood curls as well as wavey hairstyles.  

If you’re not blessed with natural curls and fancy some temporary waves, we can help with that too!

Best Hair Cuts For Curly Hair 

The most suitable hair cut for curly hair will depend on the natural movement and texture present. Popular hairstyles for curls and waves include layered bobs, messy curls, bouncy curls and shaggy, textured looks.  

mermaid waves at house of colour hair salons in Dublin

Colouring Curly Hair

Balayage with root smudge, sun kissed highlights and shiny blonde hair colours all look great on curly and textured hairstyles.

We are hair colour specialists in Dublin and will work with your natural curl pattern to deliver a look that works to enhance and define your locks.

Diffusing Curly Hair

Diffusing curly hair can help to massively reduce frizz, define curls and speed up blow-drying time. Start by adding a little styling products before gently cupping the tips of your hair, scrunching small sections working up towards the roots. Try not to be too rough or move the hairdryer around as this can break curls patterns and cause flyaways. Take your time! Keep the heat on a low setting rather than blasting hot air to ensure your curls are beautifully enhanced.

Add Moisture To Curly Hair

Curly & textured hair can often be coarse so it’s important to use a nourishing treatment regularly, such as a hair mask to replenish, enrich and add moisture to your hair.

Regular hair cuts to get rid of split ends will help to prevent breakage and keep your hair looking healthy and full of life.

We offer several effective professional hair care products for curly hair via our online shop which work to protect, nourish and replenish the nutrients in your hair. 

Book Your Curly Hair Colour Appointment at House of Colour Hairdressers in Dublin

To book your curly hair transformation, call your local Dublin hair salon using the links below. Remember to check out our Instagram page which is packed full of curly hair ideas.