Fashion Colouring

Fashion Colouring at House of Colour Hair Salons in Dublin

For a new & exciting way to liven up your existing hair colour then check out these latest colour trends available at our Dublin hair salons

We believe the foundation of a fabulous hair colour comes from an in-depth consultation and we highly recommend a consultation prior to your actual appointment. Bring along screenshots of colours you love and of those you don’t! This will help your colour technician decide on the most suitable tones & techniques for you.

Please note: If you have not had your hair coloured with us before or it has been at least six months since your last hair colour appointment, we ask that you visit us for a simple skin sensitivity test at least 48 hours before your hair colour appointment.

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Face Framing Colour

Face Framing Colour at House of Colour hairdressers, DublinFace frame hair colour is where an obvious section of hair is coloured lighter than the rest of the head to create an obvious contrast of colour. Your expert House Of Colour stylist will skillfully add a contrasting frame around the face to create a two-tone colour effect.   

Lighter highlights around the face take a fraction of the time and will still make you feel like you’ve had your entire head coloured. Win-win!

Moneypiece Colour

Moneypiece Colour at House of Colour hairdressers, DublinThis new colour trend works to add dimension and interest to your hair whilst brightening your look for a fresh and fashionable hairstyle.  Money piece colour works on all hairstyles, we can even add money piece highlights that work with short fringes and grown out bangs.

Brown hair with dark blonde face framing colour and lighter shades with chunky, stand out blonde stripes allows you to be bold with your look without having to commit to a full head hair colour. We can combine colouring techniques to create a bespoke look just for you. No matter if you’re after money piece hair for red heads, brunette hair with money piece, or money piece balayage on blonde hair we can help.


Foilayage at House of Colour hairdressers, DublinBring life to your blonde, brunette and red hair colour with this versatile colouring technique.  Foilayage is a type of highlighting technique used to create a sun kissed hair colour and is especially good for blondes wanting an ice white, cool platinum hue.

Foilayage lets you have fun with your hairstyle and gives your colourist the ability to play around with the placement of your highlights to create pops of colour. Better yet, you can be as bold or as subtle as you wish!

Root Stretch 

Root Stretch at House of Colour hairdressers, DublinRoot stretch does exactly what it says on the tin. It is where your root colour is dragged or stretched into another similar colour. We can ‘stretch’ or ‘smudge’ your root colour and add multi-dimensional shades, growing lighter towards the tips of your hair for an on-trend hair colour look. 

This technique means your colour remains looking great even as it grows out!

Colour Melt Hair

Colour Melt Hair at House of Colour hairdressers, DublinWhat is colour melt hair? This is a popular question in our top Dublin hair salons! Colour melt hair is where varying shades of colour are overlapped to give the appearance that they have been melted into one another. Colour melt can also be known as colour bleed and offers a seamless transition of colour which is normally lighter at the roots blending to a lighter colour at the tips.

We can achieve this look using natural red tones as well as rich brunettes, buttery blondes and creative fashion shades.

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From trendy face-framing highlights, colour melt hair, top Instagram balayage trends to that perfect ‘lived in’ blonde, our team of experts can deliver your dream colour.

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