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Hair your hair colour gone wrong? Have you coloured your hair at home or had a negative hair colour experience at another hair salon? The most important thing to do is to remain calm and call the hair colour specialists at House of Colour in Dublin. We are the experts when it comes to rectifying hair colour problems for our guests. 

During an in-depth hair colour correction consultation in our Dublin hair salons, we will analyse your hair colour problem and the condition of your hair. We have gained a reputation as the best hairdressers in Dublin for colour. We will discuss your hair colour desires with you and advise you on how we can realistically provide this in a time frame for you. Our hair colour experts will restore your beautiful hair colour and condition.

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Home Hair Dye Problems

Our experts see hair colour issues every single day and are highly trained to rectify problems including a build-up of hair colour, damage from over-processing and hair breakage due to home bleaching. All of these factors can adversely affect multiple sections of your hair so do not apply a home dye over a hair colour problem as this will make it worse.  The best thing to do is to book in for a hair colour consultation with one of our colour specialists. We will analyse the hair colour and condition and prescribe a mixture of tones & shades to treat each individual strand and restore your hair condition and colour.

Correcting Over-Processed Hair At Top Hair Colour Salon, Dublin

When your hair colour has been damaged by over-processing with bleach and build-up of colour, it can become dry, brittle and begin to break. This is a common issue when guests use bleach at home to lighten their hair, which is why we would never recommend using bleach on your hair at home. 

We use only the very best professional hair colour products in our salon and are highly trained to know which products will remove unwanted colour and restore your hair colour and condition. We can also recommend a range of luxurious hair treatments to repair the bonds in your hair to condition and infuse moisture into your locks. 

Patchy Hair Colour Problems

A hair colour imbalance from a home hair dye can lead to unsightly, patchy sections of hair colour. Our master colourists have the skills to balance your hair colour to help you look and feel fabulous.  We specialise in common hair colour issues including:

Brassy blonde hair colour

Blonde hair that has become white or orange

Overlapping bands and build-up of hair colour

Hair colour that has faded

Hair with an unsightly green tinge

Dull hair colour that is either too light or too dark.

Balayage Hair Colour Problems

Balayage is where natural looking sun-kissed highglights are scattered around the hair. This look is very difficult to achieve yourself at home! Often, a home balayage colour can turn out patchy and the hair is often brassy with unwanted yellow or gold tones. If you are experiencing any of these issues - or something else - please book in for a hair colour consultation ASAP so we can help.

Hair Colour Correction Prices

During your in depth consultation, your HOC Stylist will talk you through the steps needed to restore your hair colour and give you the colour you desire. The cost of your hair colour correction service will vary depending on how many appointments are needed. 

Rest assured we can help fix your balayage, correct black box dye, change a dark brown or black hair colour to a lighter blonde shade - we really have seen it all! 

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