How To Have A Great Consultation

A Great Consultation A Great Hairstyle at House of colour hair salons in Dublin

Hair Consultations At House Of Colour, Dublin

The foundation of a great hair cut & colour comes from an in-depth consultation. Here at House of Colour hair salons in Dublin, we strive to deliver the best hair cut, colour & style to all our guests and truly believe that honesty is key.

We will carefully plan your hair journey and tie it into any big (or small) events happening in your life over a period of time. It is very much about making sure you love your hair – always. Plus, ensuring you can maintain it in between salon visits. We will also advise you on how to maintain your colour and style at home with hints, tips and hair product recommendations.

To keep the creative juices flowing we invest a lot of time into training and developing our team, this helps us to continually deliver beautiful hair.

Please note: If you have not had your hair coloured with us before or it has been at least six months since your last hair colour appointment, we ask that you visit us for a simple skin sensitivity test at least 48 hours before your hair colour appointment.


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Step 1 - Honesty

We try to give all of our guests an amazing in-depth consultation with a view to giving two options about your hair when we finish. Although it may seem a little odd, we do need to ask you a mix of questions to determine exactly what you want (not what the hairdresser wants!) and what technique & style will suit you best. This then gives you the ability to make an informed decision on if you’d like to go ahead or not.

Our team of expert stylists are highly trained and knowledgeable and will give you a truthful answer on what is realistically achievable and whether or not they think a certain look is right for you. One size doesn’t fit all. They will carefully access your skin tone, facial features, hair texture plus discuss your lifestyle, how often you wash your hair, and your budget before suggesting the latest hair trends & techniques to ensure you get the best possible result.

Our questions are as follows:

How do you feel about your hair right now?
When you say you like or dislike a certain part of your hair what do you mean?
What do you dislike most about your hair?

Please be honest in your answers as this really helps, in particular, if you have had any home Colour it really helps us pick the right path if we know.

Step 2 – Be Realistic

During an in-depth consultation, we will analyse your hair and set realistic expectations of what can be achieved. Our aim is to give you healthy hair with beautiful colour. Think of achieving your perfect hair colour as a journey, to get your desired colour result may take a few visits to the salon. For example, changing your brunette hair colour for platinum blonde can not be achieved in one service, this will take time.

If your hair is over-processed we may need to think about a course of conditioning treatments first to ensure your hair is healthy and strong enough for the colouring process. Applying colour to damaged, weak, porous hair can lead to uneven results and your colour may fade quickly.

Step 3 – Tell Us What Is On Your Hair

Again, this goes back to being honest. To achieve the best results, it’s really important we know the history of your hair – what products have you been using? Have you used a box dye? Have you previously used henna on your hair?

You may feel it is irrelevant or that it was ‘ages ago’ you applied that home colour but chances are it will still be present in your hair.

Step 4 – Give Us Your Opinions & Suggestions

There’s that word again – honest! Be honest with your stylist and let them know what you love or hate about their recommendations and ideas. Bring screenshots and images of styles and colours that you love along to your consultation to help avoid confusion.

Step 5 – Use The Correct Recommended Products

After accessing your hair your stylist/colourist will suggest the very best professional hair care and styling products to suit your particular hair concern. We now provide a fantastic range of products and continually add new lines to ensure that all your hair, scalp and styling needs are cared for. Visit our online store.

Virtual Consultations

Did you know that you can now chat with our skilled stylists & colourists virtually? Our new video consultation service allows you to book a zoom video call with a member of our team, where we can discuss any questions or concerns you may have prior to your upcoming appointment.

Please tell your friends and family - this service is available to everyone, not just our existing clients. If you would prefer a phone call rather than a video call, that’s perfectly fine. Read more here.

Book Your Complimentary Hair Consultation At HOC Salons In Dublin

We really do want you to be happy with your hair! No matter if you are feeling adventurous and searching for a bold and bright new look, are nervous about having your hair coloured for the first time or simply want a trim, we hope our consultation process helps to make you feel comfortable and confident to enjoy your experience with us and make an informed decision.

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